"I cannot say enough good things about this crew.  With a pipe burst and ceiling completely soaked and falling, North Meck Plumbing sent a team of two very, very capable men for their standard hourly rate.  They were polite, intelligent, and personable.  They cut out drywall, located and fixed the pipe in what seemed like no time at all, cleaned up after themselves and gave tremendously good advice.  Their total bill was so reasonable – truly honest people with which to deal — the type you would invite back for dinner.  Most appreciative and not only will I use them again, I heartily recommend them."
- Monique S.
I have to say your team provided us the very best plumbing service we’ve EVER received.   Really can’t begin to describe how good North Meck Plumbing made me feel.

You know, to begin with I’m half angry and feeling sorry for myself when discovered waterline to house ruptured.   With all the recent storms where am I going to find a plumber who can help soon??   Call your number around
3:00 pm in afternoon and speak with Vickie.  She was so pleasant and upbeat plus offers to put me on HOLD while she checks schedule.   Returning to phone she reports that can have someone out here at 8:30 am next morning!   I’m in
shock thinking I misunderstood what she said.   ”The very next morning?” And she went on to explain your rates and payment policies…Can you believe, things even got better with my experience?!! Your crew of Dave and Michael arrived NOT at 8:30, but 8:00 AM !!!!   What services arrive even earlier than scheduled.   Most of the time homeowner is lucky to get a less than 4 hour “window”!!   Plus their van was logo-ed;  the techs clean-cut; professional and  wearing clean uniform shirts.   I was totally blown away!!!

You can be proud and never hesitate to send Dave and Michael to your customers locations.  Their attitude and way they treated me lead me to believe David was owner of the company!   Know I’m crazy but have owned couple of small businesses in my life.   And I couldn’t help but smile when on couple of occasions overheard Dave and Michael actually laughing while digging for waterline.!!

Maybe I was just lucky this one time but guarantee you I will be calling North Meck Plumbing first for all our plumbing needs.  You are a credit to our community!

One Truly Satisfied Customer!!
- Tom Beatty, DenverNC
“Reset 3 toilets replacing wax seals, bolts and supplies. Made an assessment of a whirlpool tub that was not functioning. We were in a position where work needed to be assessed and completed quickly due to a pending sale. North Mecklenburg Plumbing was responsive, timely, and accommodating to our needs. Seemed very trustworthy and did great work at a reasonable price. The kind of team that wants to do the job well, help you out and not out to make a buck — professional and nice people. Referred us to an electrician that they know and trust to fix the whirlpool tub — there was no plumbing issue. I would highly recommend them for any and all plumbing needs.”
– John C, Charlotte, NC

We are always grateful to our customers
who take the time to stop and say great things about our company & services!

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